Helloooo Everyone!!! 

I hope you are having a great start to your Summer break and are ready to conquer everything that will come up in your career exploration journey this upcoming Fall semester. It has been a little while since I wrote a blog (almost two semesters), and I am excited to be writing one of the first blog posts for the Fall 2023 semester.  

Many changes have been made to our Peer Advisor team since our last introduction blog in the Fall of 2021, with 4 Peer Advisors graduating and us gaining two new Peer Advisors, Carson and Avery! I will forever be grateful to have grown and learned greatly from my former coworkers: Kelly, Ivy, Angel, Emma, and Catthy. They have motivated me to make the most out of my Chapman experience, and I hope I have made them proud with everything I have been able to do.  

That said, I am super excited to re-introduce you all to our old and new Peer Advisors for the Fall 2023 semester! We have been hard at work assisting students with their resumes, cover letters, job and internship searches, and answering general questions about the CPD. We hope this blog can help you better understand us and some of our involvements on campus.  

Before you start reading, we want to remind you all that we now have drop-ins on Mondays and Tuesdays from 2-4 PM, both virtually and in person! We will be happy to assist you with your career-related questions, such as resume and cover letter reviews, and help with your job search.

Meet your Career Peer Advisors

Rolando Sanabria

Rolando Sanabria ’24

Hello! My name is Rolando (the one who wrote the intro lol), and I am so excited to welcome you to the Fall 2023 semester!!! The Peer Advisor team is so excited to welcome you all back to campus and help with your career-related needs! Here is a little about me: I am a senior in Political Science and Strategic and Corporate Communication, double minoring in Sociology and History. I am a transfer student (!) and graduated from a local community college with my AA in History. This is my fifth semester as a Peer Advisor at the office, and it is crazy to think that my first day at this office was my first day at this school! It is crazy how time flies! Being a Peer Advisor made me fall in love with all stuff career-related and with Chapman. I am excited to share this passion with you all during your career exploration journey!

Outside of the office, I would like to believe that I am pretty involved on campus. I am in two fraternities (1 professional and 1 social), I have been an Orientation Leader (now an Orientation Coordinator), and I am a Student Assistant with the Academic Advising Center, where I started as a Peer Advisor during the Summer of 2022. With my social fraternity, Delta Tau Delta, I am on the Executive Board as the Director of Risk Management. Regarding club involvement, I am involved with the Latinx and Transfer Club. These involvements on campus have truly made my experience at Chapman, and especially as a transfer student, made this campus feel like home. Outside of campus, I love the outdoors, watching a good documentary on Hulu or Netflix, working out, and hanging out with my Husky mix, Romeo. When it comes to life after Chapman, I plan to get into higher education as a student services professional or go to law school to prepare for corporate or family law. My time here at Chapman has solidified my career goals, and I hope you can utilize our office as a resource in your career journey! 

Please stop by our office during Drop-in hours or make an appointment on Handshake. Make sure to stop by early and often to make sure that you maximize your resources before you graduate. Have a great start to your semester! 

Carson LeSage ’25

Hello everyone!! My name is Carson, as you already know, and I am so happy to be a part of the Peer Advisor team. I am a junior double majoring in Psychology and Philosophy with a minor in Sociology. This is my 3rd semester working as a Peer Advisor, and I have loved every second of it. In the office, I also work a lot at the Front Desk and work very closely with the Marketing team (follow us @Chapmanucareer; we have a lot of great reels, including me!!). Outside the office, I am also an active member of Kappa Alpha Pi, the Professional Pre-Law Co-ed Fraternity at Chapman, one of Chapman’s Student Ambassadors, and a practicing EMT (If I pass the test of course, haha, wish me luck)!! 

Outside of Chapman, I love to go to the beach and boogie board, cook many delicious foods, eat many delicious foods, and go to car shows. Working on cars is also a very…expensive hobby, but a hobby I love. Ouuu, I love to work out also; I swear I live in the gym. I just started to get into running, and I am slowly starting to fall in love, but oh my, is it hard. 

All jokes aside, after Chapman, I plan on attending law school (hopefully UCLA), where I will fulfill one of my lifelong dreams of becoming a Public Defender. The Career Center has so many amazing resources to offer you, and I can’t say this enough, but please take advantage of them. The Peer Advisor team is also a part of the resources available. We are so passionate about meeting with our fellow students and helping you develop your career journey!  

Avery Grant

Avery Grant ’26

Hi everyone! My name is Avery, and I’m thrilled to join the Peer Advisor team! I am a sophomore majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Creative and Cultural Industries. Although this is my first semester as a Peer Advisor, I have been a part of the Career and Professional Development Center for almost a year now; my previous role was working in Employer Engagement. Outside of the office, I am a member of the University Program Board as a member of the On-Campus Events Committee, the School of Communication Student Advisory Board, a Gamma Phi Beta sorority member, and I just completed my first orientation as an Orientation Leader! 

In my free time, I love to read romance novels, dance ballet, snuggle with my Snowshoe Siamese kitty, Lucy, and spend time with my friends and family. I love to hike, and my favorite hike I’ve done was Mount Storm King in Olympic National Park. Visiting all of the National Parks is the number one thing on my bucket list. When not in class, you can find me at Disneyland or on the Starbucks patio with an iced chai, listening to Taylor Swift. 

After my time at Chapman, which is already flying by, I hope to work in either the entertainment or event planning industries. I look forward to meeting and getting to know students and helping you on your career journey. The Career Center has so many awesome resources to help you. The Peer Advisor team is here to help, and we would all love to help you connect your interests with your career goals.  


Visit us during drop ins and make an appointment with a Peer Advisor today!