Tips for the Week of February 27, 2023

February 23, 2023 by CETL Staff | Monday Motivations

Massed Practice Does Not Make Perfect Research tells us that cramming, a form of Massed Practice, isn’t effective for long-term retention of information. Distributed Practice has proven to be more effective in helping students retain information. Instead of students spending long periods of time studying or practicing something they’ve just learned or right before an


Tips for the Week of February 20, 2023

February 16, 2023 by CETL Staff | Monday Motivations

Priming Students for Success Students come to us with a wealth of preexisting knowledge, skills, beliefs, and attitudes, which influence how they attend to, interpret, and organize new information. How they process information will, in turn, influence how they recall, think, apply, and create new knowledge. Having a sense of what students know and can


Tips for the Week of February 13, 2023

February 8, 2023 by CETL Staff | Monday Motivations

Providing Meaningful & Effective Feedback  One of the most important factors leading to students’ academic growth is the quality of feedback they receive from their instructors. Woolf (2020) and other researchers suggest that meaningful and effective feedback is 1) regular and ongoing, 2) specific and actionable, referencing aspects of a specific learning outcome or objective


Welcome back from the CETL!

February 1, 2023 by Cathy Pohan | Monday Motivations

Your colleagues at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) would like to welcome the instructional faculty back to a new term at Chapman. As the new Executive Director of CETL, I am thrilled to be working alongside Dr. Melissa Rowland-Goldsmith (Co-Director, Pedagogical Coach, and Faculty Member in Schmid College) and Dr. Melissa

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