Soon there will be a new resident of Old Towne Orange everyone will know and recognize, thanks to his trademark collection of hats he wears as he walks through the community surrounding Chapman University. As the University’s new vice president of community relations, Jack Raubolt is determined to meet as many neighbors as he can on those neighborhood walks.


Jack Raubolt, Chapman’s new Vice President of Community Relations.

“My first apartment after returning from military service was in Orange, I feel like I am returning home,” he said. “I am sure I will enjoy Orange as much now as I did then.”

Raubolt’s position grew out of conversations between President Jim Doti and Old Towne Orange residents, who asked that a single point of contact be appointed to simplify communications between themselves and the University. In that role, Raubolt also serves on the Neighborhood Advisory Committee, formed to troubleshoot a variety of neighborhood issues.

And he’s no stranger to Orange. Among the stops in his long management career was a recent stint at Chapman. At Chapman Raubolt established systems and protocols related to its information technology functions.

Describing himself as a solution-oriented person, Raubolt said he is committed to being a good listener and making a positive difference.

Later this summer, he’ll even be a full-time Old Towne resident. Until then, you can reach him at or call his office at 714-289-2007.