Last Saturday, November 2nd, Chapman University hosted the bright-eyed high school students from Congressman Lou Correa’s Young Congressional Leaders Program for an event about preparedness for further education.  The students grabbed refreshments and eagerly awaited this opportunity to become more informed about the continuation of their education after high school.

The event began with a warm and enthusiastic welcome from Chapman’s Vice President of Community Relations, Jack Raubolt.  Jack shared his excitement about the university through intriguing facts and interactive trivia in which students eagerly displayed their new knowledge about Chapman.


The kick-off was followed by a presentation on financial aid and admissions given by Christian Aguilar, the Assistant Director of Diversity Initiatives at Chapman University.  Christian was very encouraging to the students, relaying valuable information while simultaneously reassuring the students that Chapman University is in fact a plausible goal for them paired with the right amount of effort and care put into their schoolwork and application.  The students really connected with Christian and displayed their curiosity by asking questions specific to Chapman University’s admissions and academic programs.

Financial Aid

The financial aid and admissions talk led into a student panel during which current Chapman students answered questions about their own unique experiences at the university.  With majors from English to econ and involvement from student government to Greek life, each student’s diverse experiences at Chapman sparked interest of the prospective students.   Chapman students opened up about their own nerves and revealed some of the surprises they faced when entering college, which resonated with the prospective students, who also expressed apprehension about this upcoming new chapter in their lives.

Student Panel

Next on the agenda was a tour of campus, during which knowledgeable guides led groups of students all around campus.  Students were completely engaged, asking questions and expressing their awe of the beauty of Chapman University.  Tour guides provided their own personal wisdom on the places on campus they enjoy the most for studying, eating, socializing, etc.

The program was an all-around success, educating students about the university, preparing them with information helpful for their admission, and giving them insight on personal experience as well as useful tips and tricks from current Chapman students themselves.  By the end of the event, the students from the Young Congressional Leaders Program were truly inspired and eager to apply to Chapman and become future Panthers!