Since the early 1990s, Chapman University has experienced unprecedented growth and academic achievement through the implementation of a series of five-year strategic plans.

The next five-year plan, “Engineering the Future,” is the sixth in the series and lays out the University’s goals for the 2018–19 through 2022–23 academic years. Five key strategic priorities will help guide our operations.

Strategic Priorities

  1. Establishing the Fowler School of Engineering (details)
  2. Supporting Our Changing Student Profile (details)
  3. Expanding our Research Agenda (details)
  4. Optimizing the Campus Footprint (details)
  5. Undertaking a Comprehensive Fundraising Campaign (details)

From President Daniele C. Struppa

Through the new strategic direction outlined here, we will continue on our path of transformation. We must be more than the knowledge we discover and impart, we must create the best experience possible for our students

That experience will include cutting-edge research, with an enhanced focus on providing funding and technology for our faculty and students. We will continue to improve the physical campus to develop even more space for teaching, research, discovery and learning at both the Orange campus and Rinker campus. It is our responsibility as a university to contribute new knowledge to the world, therefore we must have the resources and facilities to support that mission

We must also continue to evolve and diversify our student, faculty and employee profile. This means a commitment to recruitment practices that provide equity and access, and a campus environment that is welcoming and inclusive. Our curriculum must also expand in its diversity and inclusion, as we reach out to collaborate with our surrounding communities. We can only live up to the promise of preparing our students for a global society if we welcome the world on this campus.

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