Chapman University is preparing for fire alarm testing at a few locations around the Orange campus during the week of November 18th-22nd. We are performing mostly sprinkler testing, with a few buildings due for their full annual test. These tests should have minimal impact on the surrounding community and neighbors. Please review the dates and locations below.

11/20/2023 – testing for all systems located in the West Palm Industrial Park. The systems at Von Nueman, 615 West Palm and the Facilities Warehouse will receive full annual tests. These are small areas, with just a few sirens. The rest of the complex will only have the sprinkler devices tested, with no sirens in the building sounding off.

11/21/2023 – Anderson Parking, Global Education and The Becket Building will be receiving full system annual tests, with sirens included. Glass and Henley will be receiving semi-annual testing, with no sirens.

11/22/2023 – Sandhu, Pralle and The K will all receive semi-annual testing, with no sirens involved.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Office of Community Relations,