With the opening of the new Keck Center for Science and Engineering, the modular chemistry lab that was located in a Hashinger Science Center parking lot has a new home: Orange Unified School District.

“This extraordinary gift to our students is another example of our community embracing OUSD’s focus on STEM curriculum,” said OUSD Superintendent Gunn Marie Hansen, Ph.D., adding that some of the equipment may be moved to the new high school science buildings being constructed throughout the district. “The first of which, fittingly, will be the University’s educational neighbor at Orange High School,” Hansen said.

Chapman received only temporary city approval to install the state-of-the-art lab at a cost of about $1 million in 2015 while awaiting construction of the Keck Center. With the new building complete, Chapman decided to donate the lab. It was moved to the OUSD offices on Handy Street in June and will be used primarily as a demonstration lab for teacher science training.

“We are very happy to find such an excellent home for the lab where its use in quality STEM education will continue,” said Kris Olsen, Chapman’s vice president of campus planning and operations.