The Department of Theatre will be bringing back a unique theatrical experience which premiered at Chapman in 2010.  Based on bestselling author Andrew Carroll’s journey around the world to collect letters written during wartime, If All the Sky Were Paper is a heartfelt drama seen through the eyes of both those on the war front and the home front. 

 When asked why he is restaging the play, Mr. Carroll said: “I think with every version performed, I see new ways of bringing the characters to life and incorporating new stories and correspondences.   I’ve done readings and shows featuring statesman, famous actors and other prestigious individuals and every time we see a new element that we hadn’t seen before.  This Veterans Day run will kick off a massive 50-state campaign to preserve America’s war letters.  We hope with every performance we will bring in more letters and more opportunities for honoring our veterans.”

 The Friday performance will include a special pre-show talk at 7:30pm with the playwright, who will discuss the Legacy Project.  This project is a national, all-volunteer initiative that encourages Americans to honor and remember those who serve our nation in wartime by preserving their letters and e-mails home. With director John Benitz, Mr. Carroll will share the development of the play that emerged from the Legacy Project archives.  If All the Sky Were Paper runs November 7-11 in the Waltmar Theatre at 7:30pm, with additional shows November 10 and 11 at 2pm.  For tickets, call 714-997-6812 or visit