I had the opportunity to serve as Faculty Sponsor for a team of physical therapy students competing in the Student Bowl competition sponsored by the
California Physical Therapy Association
. On Saturday March 29, 2014, a team of 5
Chapman DPT
students won the second annual PT Student Bowl competition at the California PT Student Conclave.  The team included team captain,
Chelsea Fischer
year), Amy Washburn (3
Jennifer Greene
Amanda Centeno
year), and
Devin Duva
l (1
year). They competed in two rounds of the quiz bowl competition, beating out USC in the first round, and CSU Sacramento (the 2013 champions) and CSU San Diego in the championship round.

During each round of the head to head competitions, the students tackled 15 challenging questions from all realms of physical therapy practice in a quest to correctly answer more questions than the opposing team. For each question, the first person to raise his or her flag from either team was given the opportunity to answer the question and gain the resulting point.

The questions included in the competition were submitted by the participating schools. Two examples of questions used in the competition include:

1. What is the most common postural compensation for a fixed rearfoot varus? (the answer is: Subtalar pronation and resulting medial rotation of the tibia)

2. An elderly woman has a superficial wound to her calcaneus and the physician has ordered the use of autolytic wound debridement. The best method to fulfill this is to use a wet-to-dry dressing in addition to antimicrobial ointment. (True or false) (The answer is False)

If the team missed a question or failed to answer within 10 seconds, the opposing team had the opportunity to try the question. The Chapman team moved quickly, answered questions accurately, and also capitalized on other teams mistakes.

Chapman was a late addition to the competition, but the students were ready to demonstrate their knowledge and preparation acquired through Chapman University’s
Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program
. The team wanted to ensure that Chapman had a strong showing at the competition to demonstrate the value of the education.  The victory affirms Chapman’s commitment to quality education and production of successful physical therapists.

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