Chapman Physical Therapy Event Pretend City Students Holding BannerOn Saturday, March 4, 2023, students and faculty from the Chapman University Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program participated in the “School Readiness Fair” sponsored by Pretend City. Pretend City is a children’s museum located in Irvine which is designed for young children to explore the workings of the world they live in. The fair is an annual event that brings together different organizations who provide information for parents on health promotion, fitness, and resources for community and state funded programs. This was the first time Chapman University students had every participated in the fair.

Chapman Physical Therapy Event Pretend City Playing with Mom and Child

Crean College Dean Dr. Janeen Hill comments, “This is fantastic example of our graduate students making a positive impact on our local community while gaining hands-on experience that enhances their education within the DPT program. One of our top proprieties at Crean is to seek out local organizations to partner with to build mutually beneficial relationships.”

Chapman Physical Therapy Event Pretend City Group Photo of Students

The DPT students supported 3 booths in which children performed a variety of gross motor skills (jumping, throwing a ball, standing on one leg).  These are important skills that permit children to function safely in the school setting and participate with their peers. Under the supervision of the faculty, students screened 300 children and provided parents feedback their child’s performance. The event was very well received with many parents and event organizers who complimented the Chapman DPT students on their professionalism and effectiveness in engaging with children.

Chapman Physical Therapy Event Pretend City Playing with Children

Crean College DPT Clinical Assistant Professor Caryn Ito, PT, DPT, MS  said, “In our pediatric course, we put a big emphasis on making each child interaction “fun” and that’s exactly what the students did. Congratulations to our DPT students for making this event so successful!”

Chapman Physical Therapy Event Pretend City Playing with Children