The Orange County chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (OC-CAMFT) is dedicated to advancing the art and science of the MFT profession. The Chapter provides an educationally, emotionally, and professionally supportive atmosphere for licensed and pre-licensed members to grow individually and as a group. Recently, Crean College of Health & Behavioral Sciences graduate student, Ting Qin ’21, was appointed to be the groups student representative. We caught up with Ting and asked her about the experience:

CHBS: How did you become the student rep for OC-CAMFT?

TQ: I have been going to OC-CAMFT events for a year since I started the MFT graduate program at Chapman. I learned a lot from those events and I liked the people I met there. Earlier this year, OC-CAMFT president and Chapman MFT alumna Rachelle Marshall ‘14, came to our class and did an outreach presentation. She mentioned that the Student Representative position was vacant and encouraged us to apply for it. I kept it in my mind. After I thought about how I could incorporate this role into my current schedule, I applied and was accepted.

Image of a recent 3000-Hour Club meeting

3000-Hour Club Panel meeting with Ting, Assistant Professor of MFT Arpita Lal, and other members of the OC-CAMFT chapter

CHBS: What are your responsibilities as the student rep?

TQ: Currently I serve in a pre-licensed committee consisting of myself and two colleagues. Our pre-licensed committee is responsible for a monthly “3000-hour Club” panel discussion, school outreach, an annual job fair, and OC-CAMFT Facebook group.

CHBS: How does serving in this role benefit you as an MFT graduate student?

TQ: First, serving this community enhanced my sense of belonging and identification as an MFT therapist. I think this is important to help me transition from a graduate student to a “real therapist” in about a year. Secondly, this role allows me to meet and talk with many experienced therapists from whom I learn many things outside of the classroom. This is a big compliment to my studies.

CHBS: What do you want the Chapman and surrounding community to know about OC-CAMFT?

TQ: The board of directors of OC-CAMFT is made up of MFT therapists who work on a voluntary base and try their best to serve this community. Our purpose is to enhance the learning, networking, and supporting among therapists. We welcome people with the same passion to join our team and make this community even stronger.

CHBS: Have you been mentored by anyone in OC-CAMFT or in the MFT department?

TQ: Absolutely. I need to thank Dr. Naveen Jonathan first. He shows us that it is possible to do well both in our own career and external community service. He also provides me with a lot of support and encouragement on this role. At OC-CAMFT, Rachelle Marshall and Ryan Hill, the Director of Membership provide tremendous support and encouragement to me. They welcomed me in with great warmth and provided any assistance I needed to do my job. I feel comfortable to ask them any questions related to my role and I can always expect their support and guidance with kindness and empathy.

To learn more about OC-CAMFT, please visit their website or Facebook page