Crean College is thrilled to announce that the Faculty Development Council (FDC) 2021-22 Co-Teaching Competition Grant was awarded to three of our distinguished faculty members for their course, Neural Computation. Congratulations to Dr. Uri Maoz, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Member of The Brain Institute, Dr. Aaron Schurger, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Member of The Brain Institute, and Dr. Vincent Berardi, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Computational Science for this impressive accomplishment. Dr. Maoz had this to say on behalf of the group:

“We are thrilled that Chapman has selected our Neural Computation course for a co-teaching award, and we are looking forward to discussing how the brain computes with Chapman students in and outside of the Neuroscience minor.”

About Neural Computation

The course, NEUR 410, will cover neural computation and will examine the many different ways that neurons and networks of neurons compute, as well as the techniques used for modeling neurons, neural networks, and neural time-series data. This material is situated at the nexus of neurobiology, biophysics, statistics, applied math, and computer science and the covered material is foundational for many of the dominant STEM disciplines of today, notably machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is expected to attract students from both the sciences (psychology, biology) and engineering (computer science, applied math, electrical engineering, computational and data science). In doing so, it will also be a bridge between different departments and colleges at Chapman—Crean, Schmid, and Fowler—and will lend further credence to Chapman’s reputation as prioritizing an interdisciplinary curriculum.

This course will be offered in Fall 2021.

More about the Interdisciplinary Neuroscience minor here.