Emma Wong GraduationWhat experiences as a Chapman Undergrad were most valuable to you?

The most valuable experience of my undergraduate experience at Chapman has been the professors. Every professor I have had has been incredibly supportive of my academic journey, through their accessibility in office hours and the knowledge that all have shared through lectures. There are so many professors that I have loved getting to learn from and some with lessons that I will remember as I continue to go through graduate school and beyond. I also value the community I found in my classmates, some of whom have become close friends. The bond a difficult class can create is unlike any other and the friends I have met have made every obstacle I encountered worth it. My friends and I attended school events together, had countless lunches in the Circle, and studied numerous times in the library together. Without my friends and our adventures, the Chapman experience would not have been complete. 

I also want to give a special recognition to something I find so much pride in. As a junior, I was given the opportunity to be co-presidents of ThinkMED with my friend, Clara Hunt. Together, we got to create STEM kits for underserved children in the community of Orange, to explore and learn to love the world of science as much as we do. We spent many hours planning and creating kits to share. While stressful, it has been incredibly fulfilling to give back and connect with the city that has been home during our time at Chapman. Our faculty advisor, Dr. Hunter was an amazing mentor in our time as presidents, allowing us to shape the club as we wanted, and encouraged us to do what we could to grow the club. I have learned so much about leading and collaboration, skills I know I will take with me past graduation. 

What are your plans after you graduate?

This fall, I will begin my doctoral studies in physical therapy at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. I am incredibly excited for this new journey!

What was your favorite class at Chapman and why?

It’s hard to choose a favorite class at Chapman because of the many great experiences I have had in the classroom, but I would say Introduction to Ethnic Studies with Dr. Justin de Leon. It was a class filled with engaging conversation that helped my understanding of society and the mutual impact that it and I have on each other. Additionally I got the chance to practice my articulation skills in writing and conversation. Justin was welcoming and created a warm environment for complex conversations about the inner workings of the unique human interactions of society. This class was also the only class I have ever had that took advantage of the beautiful California weather and took us outside the classroom. The plethora of perspectives from different students from all majors and even just the change of environment built a class I truly remember. 

Did you work closely with a faculty/staff member who made a difference in your education journey? If so, who?

There are many professors who have influenced and impacted my experience as an undergrad. Specifically, I would like to thank Dr. Frisch for his advice and the conversations we had regarding classes and graduate school, and his help in preparing me for interviews. I would also like to thank Dr. Sternlicht for being a wonderful professor in both exercise physiology and capstone, sharing with us his knowledge that is seemingly infinite. Both of these professors have been some of the most understanding people I have met and they both are incredibly passionate about the subjects they teach. I am so lucky and grateful to have been one of their students and learn from them. 

Do you have any advice for incoming freshmen or current students?

Professors are never as scary as you think they are. Talk to them, ask questions, and never let fear of failure stop you from succeeding. Study hard, but make time for friends to laugh, cry, and enjoy life with. These four years are the beginning of the rest of your journey. Cheers to working hard and reaching the goals you have set!