ORANGE, Calif. (January 24, 2008) — Dodge College of Film and Media Arts is proud to recognize the accomplishments of its student and alumni filmmakers this year.  Most recently, the American Society of Cinematographers has awarded the Laszlo Kovacs Heritage Award for Outstanding Cinematography on a Student Project to a pair of Dodge College graduates.  Andrew M. Davis and Sean Stiegemeier will accept the awards at the 22nd Annual ASC Outstanding Achievement Awards on January 26, 2008 at the Hollywood & Highland Grand Ballroom.  Each year, the ASC chooses two students from a pool of applicants from universities across the U.S. and recognizes them for exceptional work as cinematographers on student films.

“That both of the students who won this year’s Heritage Award are graduates of Chapman’s film school is truly something special,” says Dodge College dean Robert Bassett. “Their success is a testament to the careful mentoring provided by our faculty.”

Davis, a May 2007 graduate, based the look and feel of The Line on photographs taken by Mexican immigrants in their journeys across the border. Directed by Dodge student Kent Bassett, The Line tells the story two sets of fathers and sons whose lives are changed by a border crossing incident.  Shot in Super 35mm widescreen, the film captures both the sweeping beauty and the staggering desolation of the desert, immersing the viewer in the hardships the characters endure.

“I greatly value the fact that the Dodge College provides such an immense opportunity to learn about visual storytelling through hands-on experience. Without their support, I certainly would not have won this award,” said Davis.

After graduating with a B.F.A. in Film Production from Chapman in 2005, Stiegemeier studied cinematography at the American Film Institute.  The Butcher’s Daughter, set on remote farm during the Great Depression, tells the story of a young girl and her aging father whose lives are forever changed when a pair of bootleggers shows up at their door, revealing dark secrets from the father’s past.  The production team rushed to finish the film so it could be submitted for consideration before the ASC’s deadline.   “The sound and titles were completed the day before I submitted,” Stiegemeier said.  “I thought of what an achievement it would be if I could win the ASC award for the film, but thought it was a long shot.  When I found out my goal was accomplished, I was elated.”

Other Notable Award Recipients

Andrew Shearer (MFA, Film Production ’05) and Nick Sherman (’06) were awarded the prestigious Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting for their screenplay, Holy Irresistible.  The script, a romantic comedy about an atheist who falls in love with a preacher’s daughter, was one of five chosen out of 5,050 entries.  Shearer and Sherman are the second and third Dodge alumni to win the Nicholl Fellowship; Morgan Read-Davidson (’02) received it in 2005.

Dodge graduate student, Nicholas Ozeki’s short film, Mamitas, received the $10,000 Excellence in Filmmaking Award at the 2007 Angelus Student Film Awards.  ASC Heritage Award-winner Andrew M. Davis (’07) served as the director of photography on the film, which follows a self-professed Casanova who is forced to re-examine his ideas and perceptions when an unexpected woman enters his life.

Awards and Festival Selections in 2007

Kent Bassett (MFA/Film Prod. '07) The Line: ASC Heritage Award (awarded to the DP Andrew Davis); Semi-finalist in Angelus Awards; Palm Springs; Anchorage; Arpa Int’l; Whistler (Canada); Twisting Fate: Big Bear Lake Film Festival.

Jeff Callaway and Craig Forrest (MFA/Film Studies ’08) Sounds of Silent Cinema: Best Documentary at the Int’l Student Film Festival Hollywood; Scene First.

Ethan Cushing (MFA/Film Prod. '07) Negotiations: Best Student Narrative Film at New England Film & Video Festival; 3rd Place at Fort Lauderdale Int’l Film Festival; Starz Denver; LA Shorts Fest; Rhode Island; Myrtle Beach; La Boca del Lobo (Madrid, Spain); CameraImage (Poland).

Rachel Earnest (BFA/Film Prod. ’07) Le Retour: Best International Short Film at the Kerry Film Festival (Ireland); Arpa Int’l (Hollywood).

Robert Glickert (BFA/Film Prod. '06) The Descendent: Special Jury Prize at Temecula Valley Int’l Film and Music Festival; Best Horror/Thriller at the Int’l Student Film Festival Hollywood; Asheville; Kerry (Ireland); Int’l Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival (Phoenix); San Sebastian Horror & Fantasy (Spain)

Mischa Hedges (BFA/Film Prod. '06) Sustainable Table: Best Documentary at Sacramento Int’l Film and Music Festival; Big Bear Lake; Scene First.

Tyrone Huff (MFA/Film Prod. ’07) Chiles: Honorable Mention at Fort Lauderdale Int’l Film Festival; Asheville; Victoria (Canada).

Lori Johnson (MFA/Film Prod. ’07) The Relationship Theorem: Semi-Finalist in Angelus Awards; KIDS FIRST! Film Festival; Santa Fe; Eugene; Ellensburg; Tacoma; LA Int’l Children’s; Big Easy Shorts.

Matthew Lessner (BFA/Film Prod. ’06) Darling Darling: Best Experimental Film at the Northampton Independent Film Festival.

David May (BFA/Film Prod. '05) Itsy Bitsy: Audience Award for Best Short at the Temecula Valley Int’l Film and Music Festival; Nominated for Best Short, Best Special Effects, and Best Supporting Actress at Action On Film Int’l Festival; Williamstown; Big Bear Lake; Rhode Island; SoCal Independent; Temecula Valley; Hermosa Shorts; Film Gate Int’l Student; Raindance (London, England); E.Vil City Film Festival (New York City); Big Bang Film Festival; La Boca del Lobo (Madrid, Spain); Int’l Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival (Phoenix); Fantasporto (Portugal); Kerry Film Festival (Ireland); WT Os Int’l (Norway); Int’l Student Film Fest Hollywood.

Doug Meyer (MFA/Film Prod. '07) An American Tragedy: Best Period Drama at the Int’l Student Film Festival Hollywood.

Bryan Nest (MFA/Film Prod. '08) The Vaudevillian: Audience Award at Filmstock (England); Bronze Medal at Brno Film Festival (Czech Republic); Eastman Kodak Scholarship Award for Excellence in Cinematography (awarded to the dp Yash Bhatt); Semi-finalist in Angelus Awards; Nominated for Best American Short at Rome Int’l Film Festival; Santa Fe; New Orleans; IndieMemphis; Myrtle Beach; Big Bear Lake; Big Easy Shorts; Northampton Independent; Kerry (Ireland); WT Os Int’l (Norway); CameraImage (Poland); Til Death Do Us Part: Best Dark Comedy at Int’l Student Film Fest Hollywood; Scene First.

Nick Ozeki (MFA/Film Prod. '07) Mamitas: Grand Prize Winner in Angelus Awards; Audience Award in Starz Denver Film Festival; Palm Springs; Victoria (Canada); Next Reel (Singapore).

Matt Tegtmeier (MFA/Film Prod. ‘08) Charlie: Best Student Film at West Chester Film Festival; Redemptive Storyteller Award at Redemptive Film Festival; Best Student Film and Best Actor at Show Off Your Short Film Festival; Best Ensemble Cast at San Fernando Valley Int’l Film Festival; Danville Int’l Children’s; Los Angeles Int’l Children's; San Diego Int’l Children’s Festival.