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Dodge College Thesis Film, PURPLE EYES, Urges Viewers to Stand Up For What They Believe In, Especially in Times of Polarization

July 27, 2020 by Guest Post by Lynnzee Highland '20 | Alumni Spotlight

Traditionally, the science fiction genre has been used to indirectly critique social and political issues. Dodge College thesis film, Purple Eyes, uses it to highlight the problem of extreme polarization and the importance of activism. The film is about an anti-android activist who is invited to speak at a pro-android event and the extreme opposition

Class of 2020 Undergraduate Students – We Want Your Information Please take 5-minutes to fill out the First Destination Survey

April 24, 2020 by | Alumni

Congratulations! You are almost a college grad! This is a time of celebration because you’ve accomplished a fantastic feat. We want to gather some information that allows us to provide additional support moving forward. The First Destination Survey allows us to see what your employment situation looks like over the next 6 months. I encourage

Career Resources and Tips to Utilize Now More than Ever For Students and Alumni Working in Entertainment and Media

April 2, 2020 by | Alumni

UPDATED 4/23/2020 Chapman University and Dodge College Career Services are here to provide you continued service during these times of uncertainty. This is the time to touch base with your Career Advisor, faculty, peers, and other industry professionals. Use the various social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) to reach out to individuals and ask for

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