Final Screenings and Upcoming Events:

With the end of the school year looming ahead, things are winding down here at Dodge – but as every year ends, new opportunities pop up!  We had a really interesting meeting this morning with a member of the SCVNGR crew, as we explore bringing location-based social networking (ala the user-generated FourSquare and GoWalla mobile apps) to Chapman University, and especially Dodge College.  While rolling out the platform probably can’t happen before the end of this school year, we’re looking at ways we can encourage new and current students to engage in on-campus events, conferences, and simply get to know each other better.  Some cool examples: a contest for capturing photos with the most Cecils nominees and award winners, checking into the Women In Focus conference and submitting questions to the panel via your mobile device, or keeping tabs on the late-night lab use so you can know when equipment is free, or in heavy use.  Got other ideas?  We’re looking for your input!  Add comments to the comment section below, tweet us, or email me with your ideas.  We’re really excited to bring this to campus, and hope you are too!
That said, we have lots of exciting events coming up:  Many of the Cecils nominations have been announced, and ticket sales should go live again on Monday;  Commencement is zooming towards us at light-speed (and this year we have separate ceremonies for each college! ) and will feature a Skype-enabled view of our sister Singapore school’s ceremony; and this weekend we have our last round of screenings:

Friday, 7PM – Folino Theater:  Thesis &  “Byte Sized” TV shorts

Friday, 7PM – MKS Studio B: Nightcap’s final live show, featuring a live DJ and comedy

Saturday, 7PM – Folino Theater: the last Undergrad Thesis Screening, with a live webcast

Less to Pack

The Exit

A La Prochaine

The European Son

The Codex Gigas

Chill Pill

The Waking Ones


Make sure to come support the final shows, and tweet your feedback with #dodgethesis!