The 2010 Cecil Awards are rapidly approaching!

Every year, Dodge College celebrates its most outstanding students across the many film and digital arts diciplines with a high-class ceremony affectionately named "The Cecil Awards" after the school's pre-Knott Studios namesake, Cecil B. DeMille.  The ceremony highlights exceptional graduate and undergraduate students – and student works – and aims to connect their collegiate efforts with their long-term careers; as such, the awards are presented by the Dodge College faculty who have served as their mentors, as well as prominent administrators (like Dean Bassett) and notable dignitaries.  Held in the Folino Theater, within Marion Knott Studios, the celebration boasts a red carpet welcome, opportunities for photographs and networking, and a boisterous after-party where students can unwind a bit after the demanding four years' worth of work while at Dodge.  This year, we've chosen the theme of "Celebrate the past.  Create your future."  From the website:

This year’s theme, “Celebrate the past. Create your future.” is an inspiring motto for any student. The Cecil Awards aims to celebrate past student and entertainment industry achievement, while paving the way for the endless opportunities ahead for everyone. It is a night of recognition created by students to honor their peers at the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, and is a landmark event for many students as the culmination of their hard work.

The event is open to the larger Chapman University student body, as well as the public, but given that it attracts a huge crowd (often crowding the Folino's 500-seat theater), tickets are necessary for admittance, to both the main show and the after-party.  A limited number of tickets went on sale last week to serve the initial nominees, and has fully re-opened as of Monday to accomodate the general populace of parents, Chapman students, and members of the public and press.  Make sure to make your reservations now, as quantities are limited;  buy your tickets here.
Also, become of a fan of the event on Facebook, and feel free to contact the Cecils by email, or phone (714.997.6765), and follow the Twitter conversation using the #Cecils hashtag.  Feel free to share any photos you take there with our Flickr account, as well!

Edit:  Couldn't get a ticket?  There is a webcast for the event!  Watch it here.

We are pleased to announce the official 2010 Cecil Awards nominations! 

This year, in following with our emphasis on digital arts and the larger PR specialties, we've created several new categories you'll notice: awards for PR and advertising campaigns, separate awards for TV and Documentary shorts, and an award recognizing excellence in Screenwriting.  Thanks to all the students who make these amazing programs possible!

Excellence in Producing
          o Laura Avila-Tacsan
          o Stephanie Berman
          o Erik Bianchi
          o Eric Rowe
          o Rachel Skidmore

          o Chris Bryant
          o Robby Campbell
          o Adam Nelson
          o Jessica Phillips
          o Kristen Schreck

Best Production Design
          o "Forced Perspective" – Vicki Chan
          o "Haymaker" – Ana Acuna-Castillo
          o "Jeremy" – Josue Fleurimond
          o "Sixgun” – Chih-Hao Chen

          o "The Archangel" – Traci Hays
          o "Palm County" – Alec Contestabile
          o "The Real Deal" – Tyler Jensen
          o "T.V." – Andy Hengl

Best TV Screenplay
          o Troy Collins – Modern Family “Business Partners”
          o Naomi de la Cruz – CSI "Love Hoarders"
          o Christine Madonia – Mad Men “Mr. Stranger Danger”
          o Nico Monetti – South Park “Ethnishiooy”
          o Becky Wangberg – The Office “The Godfather Part IV”

Best Screenplay Feature
          o "The Assistant", written by Alex Sohn
          o "Man Dance", written by Bradley Robinson
          o "Panama", written by Joshua Krenz
          o "To Be a Mockingbird", written by Leslie MacGregor
          o "Danny, Denise, and The Dying", written by Leslie MacGregor

Mir Tukhi/Chris Harris Award in Broadcast Journalism
          o Rachel Berry
          o Denise Chuah
          o Eliana Moreno
          o Al Raitt
          o Kim St. Clair

Best TV Show
          o Kevin and Nix
          o Model Family
          o Nightcap
          o Rising Anger
          o Super Zeroes

Best Commercial
          o Construction Worker for James Hardie
          o My Coke for Coke
          o Creepers for The Fight Against Internet Predators
          o Big Bad Wolf for James Hardie
          o Party for Facebook

Best Documentary
          o "Eye To Eye"
          o "Shadows In The Forest"
          o "Day By Day"
          o "Aged Out"
          o "Making The Cut"

Ad Campaign of the Year
          o Adrenalin Advertising
          o IV + I Advertising
          o JAC(2)K Advertising
          o Outer Advertising

Best Entertainment Marketing Plan
          o Mike Alfaro for "T.V."
          o Tom Arthur for "Nimble Digits"
          o Stephanie Frommlet for "Spark"
          o Kimmy Kirkwood for "Reality Check"
          o Alyssa Mihm for "Culture Shock"

PR Campaign of the Year
          o Alzheimer's Association Orange County Chapter
          o Friendship Shelter
          o Illumination Foundation
          o Ready, Set, Read!
          o Trails4All

Achievement in Screen Acting
          o Carly Pandza
          o Mikandrew Perdaris
          o Elyse Russell
          o Lexi Sakowitz
          o Rob Steinhauser

Best Cinematography
          o “Continental Divide” –  Bret Watkins
          o “Forced Perspective” – Andrew Behrens
          o “Kingdoms End” – Arin Picard
          o “New World Water” – Ryan Weeda
          o “Spark”  –  Alicia Pharris

          o “European Son” – Jason Wittenberg
          o “The Exit” – Tashi Trieu
          o “The Henchmen” – Robyn Buchanan
          o “Palm County” – Allen Liu
          o “Sam & Nicky” – Jessica Dietch

Outstanding Scholarly Achievement
          o Charles Back
          o Susan Heyn
          o Alexandra Nakelski

Best Visual Effects
          o Nick Erickson for "Palm County"
          o Andrew Finch for "Gates of Heaven"
          o Mike Grier for "The Kneaded Hero"
          o Nick Guth for "A Day at the Park"
          o Keith Tonini for "Canned Ecology"

Best Animated Film
          o The Aesthete, David Stack
          o Bait, Michael Moore and David Dunn
          o Hop To It, Michael Cusic and Matt Pollard
          o Puck, Rachel Berry

Best Sound Design
          o Claire Conger for "Spark"
          o Ben Cox for "Cannonball"
          o Robin Hartwig for "Kingdom End"
          o Chelsea Kammeyer for "Between the Shadows"
          o Nicole Zwiren for "Jeremy"

          o Eliot Lash for “Gates of Heaven”
          o Reece Miller for “$weethearts”
          o Cody Peterson for “Palm County”
          o Matt Schwartz for “Canned Ecology”
          o Chad Tomlinson for “The Archangel”

Best Editor
          o Ericka Concha for “Forced Perspective”
          o Amanda Guerriero for “Continental Divide”
          o Robin Hartwig  for “Kingdom's End”
          o Chelsea Kammeyer  for “Between the Shadows”
          o Eddie Mikasa  for “Haymaker”

          o Peter Harvey for “Last Man Standing”
          o Lauren McKeithan for “Hall of Fame”
          o Jennifer Piponniau for "Pitter Patter"
          o Kaitlyn Taaffe for “When Life Gives You Lemons”
          o Joseph Wright for “Beard the Lion”

Best Director
          o Daniel D’Alimonte for “Haymaker”
          o Brian Faye for “Jeremy”
          o Basel Owies for “Forced Perspective”
          o Zac Petrillo for “Between the Shadows”
          o Jeff Robinson for “Continental Divide”

          o James Nguyen for “Beard the Lion”
          o Mike Bernstein for “Chill Pill”
          o Elise Holowicki for “Canned Ecology”
          o Tara Hernandez for “Make Believer”
          o Tyler Zelinsky for “European Son”

Best Picture
          o “Between the Shadows”
          o “Continental Divide”
          o “Forced Perspective”
          o “Haymaker”
          o “Jeremy”

          o “About a Broads”
          o “Beard the Lion”
          o “Palm County”
          o “The Real Deal”
          o “When Life Gives You Lemons”

Make sure to come support your fellow students this Friday from 5:30-11PM!  We'll see you there.