The Film Studies program here at Dodge College is preparing for a really exciting year.  With one of the largest application pools and total enrollments for the program, Professor Nam Lee, and our newest faculty member Emily Carman, are spearheading a new chapter for film studies at Chapman University.  To start the new year off right, the program is creating a new Film Studies Student Club (name and location TBA) which will organize and produce a really exciting new series of film screenings here on campus, focusing on bringing the best, brightest, and most revered films on the world cinema stage, right here to Orange County and our cozy Folino theater. 

The first film in the series is the highly anticipated, Sundance-famous Australian musical, Brand Nue Dae, and director Rachel Perkins will be here in the Folino for a Q&A with the students. (Make sure to tell your performing arts friends about this musical-film hybrid screening event).  As more screenings get added to the schedule, they can be found on the Dodge College events calendar.

This is a very exciting new development for the film studies program; screening renowned classics, and brand new works between the theatrical and home release windws provides our students with a unique opportunity to access the freshest, and most important, in the international film world, and provides yet another enriching opportunity for the Orange County community at large, for these screenings are free, and open to the public – so bring your friends!

And, here's where we need your help: both the film screening series, and the Club, need catchy / inspiring / brilliant names, because, as we all know, the success of any program is proportional to how cool its name is.  Well, maybe not quite – but we're so excited about both of these programs, we'd love to find some names that kindle that same sense of excitiement. (Film Studies Club may appeal to some, but I think we can all agree our talented body of students can surely come up with something better).  If you have any ideas at all, please add them to the comments section below, tweet your ideas at us, or email Professor Lee directly.

Look for updates on this new program here, and stay tuned.

Edit: Adding updated club info, per a student request via Facebook:

If you're a new student, don't forget the variety of extracirricular film clubs we have here on campus: Club Doc organizes awesome hands-on documentary filmmaking excursions (recently returned from a summer program in Africa), the Digital Arts club meets regularly to discuss – shockingly – digital arts technoloogy and storytelling, The Underground Showdown Film Festival (update: current club website) holds biweekly film contests, Chapman Film CORPS cultivates a love of the indie/cult film, Film Culture Club celebrates sharing movie love with other movie lovers, and any list of clubs would be myopic without listing the fantastic PRSSA and Chapman Ad Clubs, headline makers in their respective fields.  As always, track Dodge College clubs here,  and Chapman clubs here.

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