Submit Your Story!

Attention new studentshere's a great opportunity to get your voice out on the web, and to write for the Dodge College blog:

As the first month of classes comes to an end, and you've begun settling into some kind of sleep-class-work routine, we here at Dodge College are really interested to hear what your first experiences on campus have been like.  Whether you're a screenwriter, producer, PR major, or transfer, as a brand new member of the college community, you have an important perspective about what is awesome, annoying, or maybe omitted, from your initial weeks here.

Stumbled into a class you never thought you'd get into?  Find AVID bootcamp way more exciting than you thought you would?  Met some really interesting people at orientation?  Psyched for your new living situation… or maybe can't stand your new housemate?  Enjoying the beaches, but maybe miss the rain?  Whether it's about Dodge, the town, your travels, or college in general, your perspective, and the details of your successes and trials, are really valuable information to us as a school, to your current classmates, and of course, to future Dodge students.  Help us make Dodge even better, by telling us what you love, and what you weren't wild about, thus far at school.

What we're looking for are informal, 500-1000 word "essays" (although no particular structure is required, other than however you enjoy to write) from interested new, or transfer students.  Returning students, as well as alumni, are welcome to submit, but primarily we're looking for the raw, authentic, "just arrived" narratives that new students are likely to tell.  If you're a returning student interested in submitting, feel free to try to put yourself back in those first-day-of-school shoes, and tell us what your experience has been like since you've adjusted to life in Orange. 

We will be selecting a few of the most authentic, well-written stories we can find, and publishing them as guest posts to this blog over the next few weeks. 

Guest Blogging:

Additionally, there is an opportunity for passionate students to become regular guest bloggers right here on the Dodge College blog; while I can fill these pages with all the exciting news and events Dodge has to offer, what we need are passionate students to write about what Dodge is really like, from a student's perspective.  We're not looking for the kind of superlative, promotional bragging where you have to artificially glorify the school; we're looking for a handful of students in each discipline to communicate their passions, interests, likes, and dislikes authentically.  Your writing would be largely in your control (edited only for quality standards, rarely content) and the frequency that you post with would be flexible within certain guidelines (1-2 posts biweekly, for example).  It could be a great way to get your writing before a large audience, and is great practice for the kind of writing so many professionals choose to do today.  While I will be looking at the first pool of essays to help select the guest bloggers, anyone is welcome to submit a writing sample if you're interested in blogging, but aren't interested in writing about the essay topic.

Please email all submissions, either for the introductory topic, or to be featured as a regular guest blogger, to me.