Know any students interested in breaking into the directing biz in Hollywood?

Yeah, I thought you might.  We’ve just received notice that a really exciting event is happening this weekend, at the DGA (Director’s Guild of America) in Los Angeles.  The DGA is hosting a luncheon described as a “Student Open House & Networking Lunch for Valuable Career Information.”  Featuring a panel of well-known directors, including our own Filmmaker-in-Residence, Randal Kleiser, the event is sure to be extremely valuable to anyone looking to find out more about the state of the industry, and the prospects for newly minted film school graduates, in and around the area.

The best part?  The event is totally, completely free.  Even free parking!

This is another in a long line of exciting opportunities available to Dodge College students from our many industry connections throughout Hollywood (many thanks to Randal for turning us onto this, and for the open invitation to students!), combining our love of storytelling and artistic vision with the challenging practicalities of working in a crowded market.  Anyone who takes the initiative to visit the DGA this weekend will surely have some very exclusive information to share, and a leg-up when they start to pursue a career.

An RSVP is required, and space is limited.  Call 310-289-5366 now to reserve your spot!