It was so great meeting everyone who came out for Discover Chapman Day! I got some really great questions from both parents and students there, so I thought I would share some of those with all of you. If you have any others, feel free to ask!


1.       Am I allowed to have an actor/actress play me in the video?

The answer is yes! You cannot be in the video, but if you want someone to pretend to be you, that is fine.


2.       Where do all my documents get sent to, and how can I check on my application status?

Everything gets sent to the Admissions Office first. Once all your materials are in, then your information gets sent over here to me. You can check your status online through a user name and password you get from Admissions. You can contact them with more details.


3.       What is the admissions committee looking for in an application?

The most important thing for us is your story telling skills. We want to see you can tell a creative story, that has a good structure to it. The more you can make yourself stand out, the better. Use every part of the application to show your personality and your talents as a creative person. Also make sure to work hard all parts of the application, every part is important.


4.      What do I do if I am interested in two majors?

You can rank you majors from 1 to 3. I encourage you to put a second choice down if there is another program you would be interested in. Especially if you are applying into the Film Production program, having a second choice gives us another option to look at. It will not make us question your passion for your first choice, so don't hesitate to list more than one major.


5.      Can I send in additional work?

We do not accept any materials outside of what is asked for in the application. If you send a DVD, screenplay etc, it will just be thrown away. We evaluate everyone equally based on the application materials we ask for.