The travelling film festival, “The Animation Show of Shows” is stopping by Orange County tonight at 7PM in the Folino – and as a Dodge/Chapman animation lover, you’ll get to see it for free!

Show of Shows Poster

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From The Slate:

Professor Bill Kroyer invites you to attend the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts’ annual “Show of Shows” Friday, December 3, 2010 at 7:00 pm in the Folino Theater. Bill’s guests will include Ron Diamond and Matt 0’Callaghan, director for the “3D Roadrunner” shorts. Together they will be screening a new series of animated shorts including the Annecy “Crystal” Grand Prix Winner from 2010.

But unlike many screening rooms in the area, our Folino theater is now equipped with 3D!  That’s right, two of these films are going to be presented in stereoscopic 3D off our digital projector: the films “Coyote Falls,” and “Tick Tock Tale.” We will have reusable (read: don’t throw them away!) 3D glasses for those of you who don’t already have your own pair.

A recent release on their Facebook wall claims that 4 of the 10 Oscar nods for animation are part of this travelling showcase – so clearly, what you’re getting is not just mind-bending animation, hilarious creativity, and some of the Folino’s first 3-D, but also truly amazing curation and tastemaking.  This is an absolute MUST-SEE for any digital arts majors, or animation lovers, and it’s open to the entire Chapman community!

You can find out lots more about the program on their Facebook page; however, The Animation Show of Shows unfortunately doesn’t release the official list of all the films’ synopses until the primary tour dates are complete, so you’ll just have to trust us that each film is spectacular and worthwhile.  You can Check out last year’s entire film lineup, with synopses, to get an idea of what it plays.

If you’re excited about the event, or like what you see later tonight, let them know by Tweeting with #ShowofShows.  And let us know with #DCFMA!