The awesome epicness of TRON: Legacy is coming to Dodge in 3D!

Based on the 1982 scifi cult classic TRON (yes, the title is capslocked), the sequel Tron: Legacy has been in the works for nearly 20 years in various forms, and it’s definitely Disney’s hotest “for big kids” property in quite some time.  The marketing campaign, started in 2008, fed the world of scifi-bred fanboys a steady diet of carefully leaked information, from set pictures and plot synopses, to production stills and costume contests, to wild release events and elaborate interactive games.  Dominating the public signage at events like ComicCon, the film quickly developed a huge cult following, years before it was released.  When the first preview audiences confirmed Legacy had faithfully captured the original’s grand visual spectacle, with modern, mostly-shot-in-3D, blockbuster-level production values, Disney had created a surefire blockbuster.

While some critics wanted more from the story, I’ll admit I can forgive Hollywood every now and again when the script-by-committee mill doesn’t churn out auteur-caliber drama. Sorry, but to be honest, I’m not visiting the the Folino theater at 7PM on Thursday to watch the touching story of a father and son reuniting.  I’m coming for the lightcycles.

Our own Digital Arts Professor, Bill Kroyer, is one of the revolutionary minds behind the original TRON’s special effects, in which he’s somewhat bizarrely credited as “Computer Image Choreographer” – a title which is still technically accurate at describing many of our digital arts students, but also speaks volumes about where the industry has come since Bill, and the original TRON, made their mark.  Of the original, he’s told me that some of the same criticisms voiced upon release – chiefly, concerns about the plot – were in part due to some very hasty last-minute tinkering on the editing room floor, in response to audience testing and various studio pressures, which ended up leaving an entire subplot barely recognizable and drained of it’s impact.  I’d love to see the original (and even the sequel!) as Bill had envisioned from the start.  Nevertheless, Bill has done some fantastic leg work securing us a pre-DVD release copy of this new film.

The film’s soundtrack has received substantial publicity as well, written and produced by the famous French electronic duo, Daft Punk (highly recommended by my entire office!).

Like all of our pre-release screenings (including pre-DVD release), cell phones will not be permitted in the theater, for studio security concerns, and students are advised to arrive very early for the screening, as nearly all of our RSVP seats have been filled.  If you haven’t attended a 3D screening here yet, we do have reusable, comfortable 3D glasses for you.  So, arrive early and get excited for this epic action blockbuster!  [UPDATE: It appears cell phones will be allowed in the theater by the security company.  We’ll keep you posted if this changes.]

Missed the hype?  Check out the trailer:

Have you seen the film yet, and if so, what did you think?  Are you going to come out and see it again in 3D?