If you have been admitted to Chapman University and Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, we do offer a special opportunity for students to see what it is like to be a student here at our wonderful school!


You should have, or will be receiving soon, an invitation on your email explaining more about the Panther for a Day program. This program is held Monday and Wednesday from February 28 through the end of April. You have the chance to sit in on a class at Dodge College, take a tour of both Marion Knott Studios and the main campus if you haven’t already, as well as eat lunch in the cafeteria with current students. You can sign up for this program through the email invitation.


If you don’t see a date when you go sign up that you are looking for, we can definitely work to get something set up for you at least here at Dodge College. Send your name, major, date of visit and contact info to dodgecollege@chapman.edu, and we can set up a visit for you. Obviously we think everyone should try to do the full day program on Monday or Wednesday, but I also know schedules are restrictive sometimes. Whatever we can do to help make your decision, you just let us know.


Also, don’t forget….Preview Day is April 10! This is a great day to learn more about our programs, do demonstrations with our professors using our equipment and facilities, and hear from currents students about their experiences. You can sign up for this program through the Admissions Office.


So, lots of fun and exciting stuff to do! Like I said, we are here to help with your decision making process, so feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


And again, Congratulations!