After months of work, in fact nearly a year, the Dodge College staff is pleased to announce that we will soon be rolling out a shiny new web experience exclusively for Dodge College students.

Many of you likely became familiar with our new public-facing website, which went live October '09, in your college search and applications process.  This site, designed specifically for prospective students, re-worked all of our information about admissions, courses, programs, campus life, and more into a single, beautiful interface, so they can quickly and effeciently find out everything they need to know about us.  Now that this project is complete, the staff has turned our attention to creating a brand new website from the ground up for those already enrolled, collecting all our various sites, production tools, forms, events, and more, into a single address! 

After much feedback and focused testing, the new website has a slew of features students care about:

  • a better events and calendar system to keep everyone up to date about what's going on at Dodge
  • a single place to access all the production tools: DataCine, Greenlight, workflows, software/hardware/camera video tutorials
  • quick links to the student handbook, media library, gold room equipment checkout
  • a message board which allows students to advertise housing, place last-minute crew calls, share interesting news, and post bulletins and announcements electronically
  • a dynamic database of specialized jobs and internships available to Chapman and Dodge College students
  • resources for managing your presence at film festivals
  • a starter guide to mastering social media and related digital/multimedia skills
  • helpful resources to further your professional development and long-term career
  • connections for alumni and staying connected to the community after you graduate
  • and much, much more

Here's a taste of what the format will look like:



Barring any unforeseen technical hurdles, we plan to make the new website live early next week! 

While we've gone to great lengths to make sure all the information you might want to access about the school, your classes, and your projects, is now easy to find on this new central website, we're always open to feedback, concerns, and suggestions for how we can make the experience even better.  Feel free to email us with any thoughts you have, or to leave ideas in the comments section below.