I know that money is often an important part of your decision making process. Every school handles things differently, and offers different options to help make going there more affordable. I thought I might give a general overview of how we do things here…




First, you do not have to apply separately for our scholarships. They are all based on what you have already submitted in your application. Here are the different kinds you could receive…


Merit Scholarships: These are determined by the Admissions Office. They are determined by your academics, as well as other portions of your application. These scholarships are not need-based, but are based on merit. You will be notified if you receive this scholarship either when you are accepted, or shortly after via mail.


Talent Scholarships: Some departments, Dodge College being one of them, do give out talent scholarships. We give out a very small number each year (about 1-2 per major), that are good for $2,000 for up to four years. These are determined based on the items submitted on the departmental application. Students will only be notified if they do receive a talent scholarships, and these scholarships should be coming in the mail in the next few weeks.


Financial Aid


The Financial Aid office determines all need-based money. This includes, grants, loans etc. Once you fill out the FASFA form, it is evaluated and financial aid packets are determined. You can go to their website to find out more information on these areas: http://www.chapman.edu/finaid/prospectiveStudents.asp


If you have any questions regarding financial aid or scholarships, your questions should be directed to the Admissions Office or Financial Aid. We, here at Dodge, do not have anything to do with those areas. I would be happy to help clarify anything I can, but Admissions and Financial Aid are the experts!



If anyone else has questions on their status, or our Admitted Student Programs, let me know!