I know a lot of you have been contacting me about the status of your decision. I am sorry if you are still waiting! I just wanted to let everyone know that we are making final decisions this week on all freshman applicants (unless your application just completed in the last week or so). You will know when you can expect your decision when your Web Advisor changes to “Decision Mailed”. Once this status changes, you will get a letter with a decision within the next 7 days.


We cannot give you a decision over the phone or email, so unfortunately you do have to wait for the official letter to find out. We are working hard to get the letters sent out, so just a little more patience and you will hear soon.


Feel free to keep contacting me, and I will try to give you an idea of where specifically your application is in the process. Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on where we are as of now.


For those of you who have been admitted, hope to meet you all at Preview Day on April 10!