Who’s psyched to get scared?

Tomorrow evening, we’re hosting a very special, pre-release screening of Insidious, at 7:30 in the Folino.

The film played at SXSW, which I recently attended, and though I didn’t get to see any films while I was there, the marketing campaigns for Insidious had the town buzzing!  Everyone said it was absolutely terrifying, and while maybe not an “arthouse” masterpiece, was thoroughly convincing and just a blast.  That is – if you’re really into exceptionally scary movies!  I also managed to pick up a few free postcard-sized versions of the poster; send me an email or stop by MKS262 to pick one up before the show!

Make sure to make a reservation if you haven’t yet.

Definitely stop by the website or check out the trailer if you aren’t familiar with the movie:

I don’t tend to get too frightened at supernatural films like this; aliens are my real weakspot when it comes to terror. The idea of an alien invasion terrifies me.  And yes, I was even a little scared in Skyline, although Battle: Los Angeles was a total joke.

What are your favorite suspense/horror films or subgenres?  Anyone totally afraid of supernatural stories going to come out tomorrow night anyways?