We have been getting a lot of questions about how many graduating students get jobs, if they feel prepared enough, etc., so I wanted to share this piece from a student who is getting ready to graduate. It is written by Katie Mathewson, a senior screenwriter.


As a Senior about to graduate in two short months, I should probably be panicked. Some sort of senioritis should set in, heart rate should increase when I talk to my relatives about entering the “real world”, and I should be making plans to move straight back to Washington to work at the donut shop where I was an employee in high school. However, I feel confident, calm, and excited about the prospect of entering the industry. This may hint that I’ve recently received a lobotomy, but I actually just feel as though my time at Dodge has prepared me for this moment.


I am a Screenwriter in the program, but my experiences have extended far beyond the page. I’ve written three student films, been on the writing staff for two Greek life philanthropy events and three award shows, interned with three respectable production companies, compiled a Rolodex of about 50 industry contacts, and wrote/executive produced a television pilot. Yes, I have been known to “overachieve”, but these opportunities were specifically afforded to me because of my time at Chapman. Through guests speakers in classes, connections made through my fabulous (past and present) professors, and some hard work, I’ve done everything I can do prepare myself to enter this ever-changing industry.


I understand the path may lead to a first job as an assistant, mail clerk, receptionist, or other lower-level position, but I have no fear that I will land something that will give me an opportunity to work toward my career goals. As a freshman, I thought this semester would be terrifying. As a senior, now I realize that although I’ll miss college life and time at Dodge, I am exhilarated by the idea of a life in the industry. (And my parents are equally happy that I’m not moving back in with them in a few months).