Hello 2012 Applicants!


We have been getting a lot of questions regarding how to get the Dodge College documents sent in for your application. I know that it can feel a little overwhelming, so I thought I would help lay out the instructions here as well.


Basically, any written piece that you do for our portion needs to be uploaded to the Common Application in one document. So for all majors, that is at least the Dodge College Essay and Creative Resume. If your Major Specific Essay is also a written essay, then this needs to be uploaded with the other documents to the Common Application. Make sure all pieces are in one document, there is only one place to upload those.


The only exception is for applicants applying into Film Production or Digital Arts. Your Major Specific Essay needs to be uploaded to the website given in the instructions. The Common Application cannot accept videos or PDFs, which is why they need to be uploaded in a different place. But, the other written portions do still need to get uploaded to the Common Application.


One more time just in case…all written documents get uploaded to the Common Application in one document, and if your major requires a video or portfolio, this gets uploaded to the external website listed on the instruction page on our website.


If you need any clarification or just want to double check something, feel free to give our office a call at (714) 997-6765. We are here to help! You can always comment on the blog as well if you have any questions.