Events assistant Ashlee Abernathy writes a guest post on our recent screening of Like Crazy:

Like Crazy screened just a little over a week ago in the Folino Theater at Dodge, and I think I can speak for nearly everyone in the audience when I say that this film went above and beyond expectations. The cinematography is beautiful and elegant in its simplicity, capturing perfectly the tone of the narrative and a sort of artistic realism that pulls the audience into the world of the film and this very real relationship. We are hooked from the beginning by Jacob (Anton Yelchin) and Anna's (Felicity Jones) quirky, awkward, budding romance, literally taken by the documentary-esque cinematographic style and the well-crafted dialogue, written by Drake Doremus and Ben York Jones (Chapman almunus) and combined with a bit of skilled improv. After the film screened, it was revealed through Q & A that the film itself cost a total of $30,000 and the entire process, from conception to festival distribution, spanned over just ten months. Jones discussed the casting process, his and Doremus's personal inspirations that contributed to the narrative, and his experiences as a screenwriter in the industry. The film has already been nominated for and won several awards, including the Grand Jury Prize and Special Jury Prize for Felicity Jones's performance at Sundance, as well as the New Hollywood Award for Felicity Jones at the Hollywood Film Festival. The film is scheduled for theatrical release on October 28, 2011.