As part of a recent piece in the Wall Street Journal, collecting some of the more exciting film festivals taking place in New York this season, our own Television/Broadcast Journalism grad, Brendan Nahmias, and his film, “Humble the Poet,” are cited as major draws for the festival.

From the Wall Street Journal’s Culture section:

Sikh International Film Festival

Hip-hop artist Kanwer Singh, aka Humble the Poet, in a film by Brendan Nahmias at the Sikh International Film Festival.

With five world premieres among its 15 features and shorts, this ninth annual festival devoted to the culture of the world’s fifth-largest religion packs a lot of movie into a single day and evening. The global perspective draws in a variety of narratives. “Humble the Poet” introduces a Toronto-based Sikh hip-hop performer who combines his experience as an immigrant with rhyming skills. “Sikhs@War” explores the untold story of 100,000 Sikhs who served England in World War II, seen through the eyes of a teenage Sikh in need of inspiration. Other titles examine topics ranging from sexism in the Sikh community to the significance of traditional headwear in the social-network-themed “#MyTurban.”

“Humble the Poet” was the recipient of a scholarship presented by the sister to the New York festival, the local Sikh Arts and Film Festival, held annually in our Folino Theater, and put on by the SikhLens Foundation.  The next SAFF is a few short weeks away, and has an equally exciting lineup as last year’s festival, where Brendan and his team received the first scholarship.  Take a look at this moving portrait:

You can learn more about the film and its subject on the website, the documentary’s Facebook group, the film’s Twitter account, and the poet’s Twitter account.