Some quick updates about our Early Action deadline, and helpful info for students going through the process right now.

All Early Action and Film Production applications are due today. Please make sure you give yourselves plenty of time to submit your materials, especially if you are uploading a video or portfolio, as it may take longer today with the increased traffic.

Here are a few tips if you are finishing up your application today:
1. All written materials should be put into one document and uploaded to the Common Application. There is only one place to upload supplemental materials, so they all need to be put in one document and uploaded together.

2. For our letter of recommendation, the cover sheet that is on our website needs to be included with the recommendation in order to process it correctly. Also, the recommendation for Dodge College should not be sent in through the Common App, but should be submitted separately. The instructions for submission are on the cover sheet.

3. For Film Production and Digital Art applicants: Your video or portfolio must be less than 50MB in size. That is all the website will allow you to upload. You will need to compress your project to be smaller than 50MB or you cannot submit it. You can contact the Chapman Help Desk if you need additional assistance at (714) 997-6600.

Good luck getting all  your materials submitted, and as always, contact our office with any issues or questions!