Documentary filmmaker and director Steven Fischer, director of numerous documentaries, shorts, and TV projects, will be on campus tonight, with a lecture focused on enhancing the creative thought process.  While specifically tailored for film and TV students, majors from any creative discipline are welcome to attend, and encouraged to explore and expand the roots of the creative impulse.Director Steven Fischer’s creativity workshop helps participants establish voice, explore risk taking, and define success to themselves.

The workshop is driven by excerpts from the documentary Old School New School, exploring the nature of creativity with a host of world class artists including actor Brian Cox, cinematographer William Fraker and jazz great McCoy Tyner.

Various exercises in spontaneous storytelling are presented to encourage divergent thinking and personal storytelling. Throughout the workshop Fischer illustrates his ideas with personal anecdotes and lessons learned from a career in the arts spanning twenty years and counting.

Please note, the lecture is not in the Folino Theater – it’s in Beckman Hall, room 103.  We’ll see you there!