Film factulty member and Chapman Entertainment producer Travis Knox was recently featured on the Rick Reiff show.

Excited for Oscars season? So are we!

Professor Travis Knox shared his views and expectations on the Oscar season lineup, and the complex issue of violence in Hollywood films and games, with PBS SoCal’s Rick Reiff last week.

It’s red carpet-time in Hollywood. What’s the state of the film industry? Do violent movies such as Oscar-nominated “Django” contribute to a culture of violence? Rick talks with L.A. Times movie writer Glenn Whipp and producer Travis Knox (“Bucket List,” “Hairspray.”)

You can take a look at the clip here:

Or see the entire episode on the show’s website.

The burning question: who will be this year’s Best Picture winner?  Travis said Argo, and Glenn said Lincoln, with Rick breaking the tie, falling on Travis’ side.  Who do you think it will be?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below!