Professor Bill Kroyer invites you to attend the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts’ annual screening of the “
Animation Show of Shows
” Thursday, October 3, at 7:00 pm in the Folino Theater.

Ron Diamond, creator of the Acme Filmworks and the Animation Show of Shows, will be in attendance.

The Animation Show of Shows is a traveling selection of the year’s best animated short films. It began in 1998 with the aim of showing the most original, funny, intelligent short animated films from all over the world and presenting them at the major animation studios in order to inspire their animators and directors.

This will be the third year in a row the festival has included our Folino Theater in its prestigious list of screening locations.

15th Annual Animation Show of Shows Poster

Click to open a larger pdf of the poster

Films screened this year include (titles in bold are presented in 3D):

  • Get a Horse (5:58, USA)
  • Home Sweet Home (9:55, France)
  • My Mom is an Airplane (6:46, Russia)
  • Gloria Victoria (7:00, Canada)
  • Madly in Love (4:20, Japan)
  • Bless You (2:30, Canada)
  • Nana Bobo (4:27, Italy)
  • Subconscious Password 3D (10:58, Canada)
  • Requiem for Romance (7:26, Canada)
  • Drunker than a Skunk (3:30, USA)
  • Marcel, King of Tervuren (6:00, USA)
  • International Fathers Day (5:00, Latvia)
  • Ascension (7:09, France)


In previous years, the Show has served in many ways as an early indicator of the Oscars short film pool, with 3-5 of the films being selected as the nominees on average — so clearly, what you’ll be seeing is not just mind-bending animation, hilarious creativity, and some truly artistic digital technique, but also truly amazing curation and tastemaking.  This is an absolute MUST-SEE for any digital arts majors, or animation lovers, and it’s open to the entire Chapman community!

As a personal note, I’m super excited for “Drunker than a Skunk,” by the indie animation star,
Bill Plympton
.  If you like off-color animation, make sure to check this one out!

You can find out lots more about the program on their
Facebook page
.  If you’re excited about the event, or like what you see later tonight, let them know by Tweeting with #ShowofShows.  And let us know with