Dodge College continues to grow adding new programs, accomplished faculty and unparalleled opportunities for our students. To accommodate our evolution,  we have recently expanded our operations into the Gothic Moon building, located at 535 W. Palm Avenue,  across the train tracks from Marion Knott Studios. As a result, some of our faculty and staff have recently moved offices. Below is a list of faculty and staff whose offices are located in the Gothic Moon building:

Chapman University Map101 – Travis Knox
102 – Dezso Magyar
103 – John Badham
104 – Gil Bettman
105 – Paul Gulino
106 – Rick Ferncase
107- Sally Rubin
108 – Jeff Swimmer
109 – Conference Room
110 – Jim Fredrick
111 – David Kost
120 – John Chichester
121 – Richard Boehm
122 – Pete Vander Pluym – future location, Pete is still working out of MKS 125 in the meantime.


Offices 101 – 111 are located on the south end of the building and are accessible from the entrance off Palm Avenue (
see map
). Offices 120-122 are located on the north end of the building and can be accessed from the entrance in the Palm Lot (
see map
). Mailboxes for the affected faculty and staff are still located within Marion Knott Studios.

We will provide further updates on Gothic Moon and our plans for it as they become available.