I have some news about one of our biggest annual events, the annual Women in Focus Conference, including the overarching conference theme:

The Business of Entertainment!

Seems like a good fit for us, don’t you think?

Women in Focus is an annual conference featuring a panel of the most prominent women in the film profession participating in an open discussion with students and the community regarding their personal experiences in the industry. These women have proven themselves not only as talented business women, but also as driven risk-takers, unafraid to challenge themselves to tell stories from their hearts, openly and honestly. These women discuss the strengths of not having “egos bigger than the task at hand” and the problems of “forgetting to fight for ourselves” in the process of fighting for the movie and the other artists with whom they work. They share their trials and triumphs, clearly showing themselves as outstanding role models for any young person seeking to enter the highly competitive entertainment industry.

If you’re new around campus, and you haven’t had the privilege of attending one of these conferences yet, you’re in for a treat!  The entire day is organized around a single theme, and the panel of featured high-profile guests are all selected for their talent and visibility within that particular field.

Previous panelists gracing this exclusive lineup have showcased an incredibly diverse pool of talent, with Diablo CodyMaya Rudolph, Anne Beatts, and Nina Jacobson, just to name a few.  (You can find even more panelists here).

Also, for the first time ever, we’re taking student applications to volunteer at the event!

The conference is a great opportunity for all students to learn the ins and outs of event management.  Escorts will have an opportunity to interface directly with the panel; ushers will get experience in the actual operations of a high-capacity professional event; those who help set up will get a unique perspective on how the event planning stages contribute to the final preparations before and during the event.

The deadline to apply is March 14, which gives you plenty of time to make arrangements, so apply now before all the spots are claimed!