Ben Mullinkosson (BFA/Film Prod. ’13) and Kristelle Laroche (BFA/TBJ. ’14) are skating their way to festival success with their short documentary film The Pink Helmet Posse, which debuts at the Tribeca Film Festival next month.

Made as part of Dodge College’s Project W: Stories of Women Creating Change documentary program which creates female-empowering films, The Pink Helmet Posse takes a light-hearted, free-spirited look on three young girls (6 years old) who are pursuing the daring, male-dominated sport of skateboarding.

This is the 2nd Chapman student film to ever screen at the Tribeca Film Festival. Out of 3,074 submissions, only 58 short films were selected for the highly competitive program. After Tribeca, the film makes a pit stop at the Nashville Film Festival and then heads to a massive and prestigious documentary film festival…to be announced shortly!

All three of these film festivals are Academy-accredited, meaning they are recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Films that win a qualifying award at these festivals may be considered for Oscar nomination consideration.

It remains to be seen if Bella, Rella, & Sierra (the three young girls featured in the documentary) will show up on the red carpet in their pink helmets and knee pads.

For sure, Ben and Kristelle will be there in New York City for the exciting World Premiere screening.