It’s Halloween time yet again, and that means it’s time for a spook-tacular contest! What better way to get into the spirit of things then by winning TWO tickets to
Knott’s Scary Farm

The Green Witch is on the prowl at Dodge College, looking to add to her ranks of Tricksters. She thinks some of you have what it takes to join her in scaring the unsuspecting folks who visit her home. Put she won’t let just anyone visit her! You’ll have to prove yourself worthy first.

Each day this week, you’ll be tasked with doing something in order to gain the Green Witch’s trust. If you follow all of her rules, and do everything she asks, one of you will be picked for a pair of Knott’s Scary Farm tickets, good for any night the event is running this year.

And your tasks?

– Follow us on Instagram and take a photo of your best “scared” face! You know, the one you’ll be using a lot if the Green Witch shows you all the horrors awaiting you at Knott’s Scary Farm! Be sure to tag us at
so we can see it! Here’s Vanessa Hudgens showing hers last week!

On location at Knotts Scary Farm

– Add us on Snapchat and send us a snap at “cu_dodgecollege” of your OWN Trickster mask design. Put your drawing skills to the test, and get creative! Here’s an example!

Jeff Heimbuch

THURSDAY – The Green Witch will leave a few new Trickster masks around Marion Knott Studios. Will you be able to find them? Make sure you like our
Facebook page
since she’ll be posting photos there to give hints as to where they are. When you find them, make sure you keep them! You’ll need at least one to win, but hurry! Be the first to find all three, and you’ll get a special bonus prize! Here’s what they look like:

portraits of masks

FRIDAY – Tweet us at
and tell us why the Green Witch should pick YOU to win the tickets.

At the end of the week, The Green Witch will make her choice, and grant one winner two tickets to Knott’s Scary Farm!

Contest is only open to current Dodge College students.

Best of luck to all of you, and we’ll see you in the fog!