This past weekend, The Barber, Chapman Filmed Entertainment‘s debut film, opened in ten cities across the country to fantastic reviews!

Here’s just a few snippets from some of them:

“With a slow-burn sensibility and the veteran actor used to strong effect, this modest thriller will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.” – James Rocchi, The Wrap

“This low-budget serial-killer thriller benefits from narrative and stylistic efficiency without sacrificing production quality.” – Justin Lowe, The Hollywood Reporter

“Basel Owies does a solid job behind the camera on The Barber, proving an adept talent for directing actors as well as tone-driven storytelling in his first feature. Owies also establishes a sense of cinematic scope to THE BARBER, elevating the film from it’s low budget origins to something that feels much more precise and creepy.” – Ken Hanley, Fangoria

“This Barber is a cut above much of its competition…a well-made film with strong performances.” – Cary Darling, The Olympian

 On top of that, Chapman Filmed Entertainment is also getting some great press, such as this great write up in The Orange County Register.

Congratulations to everyone involved in The Barber’s success. We’re all excited to see what the next film holds!