I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Hong Kong for the 13th Annual Global Chinese Universities Student Film and Television festival this past April held at the Hong Kong Baptist University’s Film Academy. What a wonderful experience it was!


I got to meet student filmmakers from all over the world, from the UK, Prague, Australia, Korea, China and more. The best part of being at the festival for me was watching all of their films and getting a new perspective on filmmaking. Studying film in the States, living so close to Hollywood, and reading the trades everyday, it makes it very easy to have a myopic view of cinema. Thankfully, experiences like this allow me to open my mind to so many different expressions of cinema and visual storytelling that ultimately make me a better filmmaker.

The festival was so much fun, and what made it even better was that our film
The Homecoming
won the silver award for Best Foreign Film at the awards show for the festival. I am so honored and proud that even though our film deals with the particularly American issue of mass incarceration, that the film was still able to touch people on a universal level. I must say that I was completely humbled by all of the people who came up to me after our screening to tell me how much they were moved by and loved the film.


A huge thank you to everyone that supported me and the film, and to our gracious hosts at the Global Chinese Universities Student Film and TV Festival!

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