A few weeks ago, we asked alumni to submit films to our 1st Annual Dodge Alumni Showcase, to be screened during Homecoming weekend. It will take place on October 1st, 2016 from 1:30PM to 3:30PM in the DMAC Screening Room, and we are proud to announce that we will screen the following short films:

Kara by Joe Sill (BFA/Film Production ’13)

A father and his daughter trekking across the arid desert become caught in the middle of a vicious dogfight, and must fight their way to safety.

Queen Mary / Heroes by Job Hall (BA/Public Relations and Advertising ’07)

Seventy years after surviving the largest war in history, WWII infantry veteran George F. Schneider returned to the ocean liner that brought him home in 1945: the RMS Queen Mary.

A Knock at the Door by Katrina Rennells, Wendie Weldon, and Kelley Mack (BFA/ Film Production ‘ 14)

When his quiet evening is interrupted by a bloodcurdling scream, Nick makes a decision that unknowingly alters his fate.

Craigslist Western by Mateo Trujillo-Hobbs (BA/Screenwriting ’13)

Part of the web series Guy’s Night, this episode follows one guy on a Craigslist quest to buy a sound system.

Visions of Harmony by Joe Sill (BFA/Film Production ’13)

What’s out there? NASA’s Juno mission arrives at Jupiter soon. Watch a hypnotic film about the link between exploring space and making music.

Growing Pains by Trevor Stevens (BFA/Film Production ’15)

Inspired by the FALLOUT video game franchise, Growing Pains finds Ben, a recent college grad troubled by his future, thrown into a new and terrifying post-nuclear blast world.

Horizon Festival by Andrew Molina (BFA/Film Production ’00)

What happens when Sebu and Ryan (from CAPITAL CITIES) get bored backstage right before they are about to perform their show?

Nutcracker by Michael Aronson (MFA/Film Production ’11)

An introverted retail clerk imitates flirtatious behavior she believes will win the validation of her inclusive coworkers at the risk of losing her true self.