• At the 89th Annual Academy Awards, you likely saw some familiar faces – yes, our own Student Academy Award winners Brenna Malloy and Brian Robau were invited to act as onstage talent wranglers, making sure all of Hollywood’s A-list talent made their cues correctly:


  • We have FIVE films in the 18th Newport Beach Film Festival including Tom Teller’s ICARUS, Ceylan Carhoglu & Nicole Jordan Webber’s GARDENERS OF THE FOREST, Gabe Schimmel & Monica Petruzzelli’s ALZHEIMER’S: A LOVE STORY, Nathan Hochstetler, Gabriella Pinel, Ariana Victor & Harper White’s HAVEN, Gareth Burghes, Elijah Guess, Sarah Salvas & Christy Westad’s PARCHED (https://www.newportbeachfilmfest.com/)
  • We also have a whopping SIX films in the 11th Annual National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) including Tom Teller’s ICARUS, Riley Geis’ THE WITCHING HOUR, Hadley Hillel & Mike Overton’s MIRROR, Lisa Wu & A. Bowen Welles’ MOR, Ceylan Carhoglu & Nicole Jordan-Webber’s GARDENERS OF THE FOREST & Dan Lesser, Neema Sadeghi, & Kimberly Vela’s CHAINSAW CHARLIE (https://www.nffty.org/2017-schedule)
  • Samantha Armiger’s GROOMED will play the 20th Annual TIFF Kids International Film Festival (http://www.tiff.net/films/groomed/)
  • Tom Teller’s HUM has been featured with KCET’s Fine Cut program and is in the running to play American Pavilion’s Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at Cannes Film Festival next year (https://www.linktv.org/shows/fine-cut/hum) and has also been featured on Film Shortage (http://filmshortage.com/shorts/hum/)
  • Riley Geis’ THE WITCHING HOUR and Kendall Goldberg’s WHEN JEFF TRIED TO SAVE THE WORLD will both play the 19th Annual Sarasota Film Festival (http://www.sarasotafilmfestival.com/)
  • Both Lin Wang’s DEATH IN A DAY and Victor Nhieu’s THE LOVELIEST FLOWER will play the 16th Annual DC Asian Pacific Film Festival (http://www.apafilm.org/)
  • Joseph Longo’s DAWN and Tom Teller’s ICARUS will play the 6th Annual Julien Dubuque International Film Festival (http://julienfilmfest.com/)
  • Ceylan Carhoglu and Ryan King’s THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH will play both the 9th Annual SENE Film Festival in Rhode Island (http://www.senefest.com/) and the 6th Annual Montclair Film Festival  in New Jersey (http://montclairfilmfest.org/)
  • Tom Teller’s ICARUS won the Best Student Short Film Award at both the 23rd Annual Sedona International Film Festival (http://www.sedonafilmfestival.org/Page.asp?NavID=173) and the 10th Annual Beaufort International Film Festival (https://www.prlog.org/12620947-in-the-books-the-11th-annual-beaufort-international-film-festival-names-winners.html)
  • Four animated films will play the 12th Annual Athens ANIMFEST including Samantha Armiger’s GROOMED, Derek O’Dell’s AEON, Stacy Coakley’s SHEEP DEPRIVED, & Lisa Wu and A. Bowen Welles’ MOR (http://athensanimfest.eu/)
  • Finally, Lin Wang’s film has been completing an impressive run including her recent showing at the 35th Annual CAAMFest in San Francisco:

lin wang