“What did you do over the break?”

“Nothing, you?”

“I saw the actual sets of the Harry Potter movies, touched 100-year-old costumes, and ate escargot.”

Over Winter Break a group of students took part in the expansive Film Capitals of the World: London and Paris lead by Professor David Kost.

This course offered students the opportunity to tour historical sites and be immersed in local culture, such as the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace or Notre Dame Cathedral. This course also added an educational element to what otherwise would have been a simple vacation. It might be nice to spend an entire day sightseeing, but there were studio tours to take as well as group discussions with industry leaders.

A particularly memorable tour the class took was at the legendary Pinewood Studios, which first opened its doors in 1936. Pinewood’s history includes several Bond films, Harry Potter, and most recently Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. “I can’t say what I saw but it was amazing! It was a Star Wars geek’s dream come true,” wrote grad student Jameson Mitchell. Each day the students were required to update a personal blog as part of their coursework. The blog tracked daily events, but also served as a reflection tool for students. Course instructor, Professor David Kost, encouraged his students to apply their surroundings to their desired career path as well. To seek a depth that could be carried back into the spring term and beyond.

Students were also required to make use of the cities on this two week trip by producing a short film with other students from the group. Professor Kost supported the group’s enthusiasm about the trip, pushing them to channel their travel experiences into a creative group project.

Kost seeks a variety of students to include on this travel course to strengthen collaboration between the different emphases offered at Dodge College. To read more about his trip, visit Mitchell’s blog: troopscoop.wordpress.com