Here is the latest update on what our students have been up to our in the festival world:

  • Aharonit Elior’s (BFA/DA ‘17) SPARK continues to find success on the circuit being an official selection at the Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, NFFTY 2018, CINEVERSÁTIL, ReelQ: Pittsburgh, NewFest, and the Westfield Int’l Film Festival. From October 1st – December 31st as part of a special Online Program in conjunction with Czech Television her film will be avaialbe online on the festivals website as well as the National Television stations micro site. Aharonit also signed a deal with Revry which is the world’s first global queer streaming network. SPARK will be available to stream on that platform.
  • Kevin Keck’s (BFA/FP ‘18) AMERICAN LETTERS is an official selection at the Aesthetica Film Festival.
  • Nathan Mulroy’s (BFA/FP ‘17) HEY BOY is an official selection at the DTLA Film Festival.
  • Grant Moore’s (MFA/FP ‘17) PICKLE is an official selection at the Southern Screen Festival.
  • Annalise Eisenstadt’s (FP ‘18) MICROLOVE is an official selection at the Portland Comedy Film Festival.
  • We have 3 nominees for the ASC Student Heritage Awards
    • Rachel Lattin (BFA/NWD ’18) – MONUMENTAL (Documentary)
    • Jack Craymer (BFA/FP ’18) – SONORA (Undergraduate)
    • Brody Anderson (MFA/FP ’18) – DRAWN CURTAINS (Graduate)
  • Sam Wineman’s (MFA/FP ‘17) THE QUIET ROOM is an official selection at NewFest and at the FilmQuest Film Festival his film won the award for Best Supporting Actor.
  • Our very own Professor Sally Rubin won the Documentary Award at the LA Film Festival for her film HILLBILLY.
  • Hannah Mattner (BFA/NWD ‘18) MONUMENTAL is an official selection at the Awareness Film Festival and the San Pedro International Film Festival.
  • Julia Elihu (BFA/FP ‘20) YASAMIN is an official selection at AFI Film Fest.

Remember to let us know whenever you get accepted into a Festival or win an award so you can see your name in the Film Festival Corner Update!