Alumni met at Phase Two in Culver City on December 1, 2018 to discuss hiring insights in their respective fields. The event had 75 alumni split into groups relating to their current or aspiring positions and questions were provided by individuals in those groups. The groups met for 25 minutes before being split to meet with other groups for a total of three 25 minute sessions. After the third session, all alumni were given the opportunity to network with each other.

Alumni had the following insight from the event:

  • Always let people know you’re here and available
  • Use all your resources to connect with people at companies or positions you want to work in. Online interaction isn’t enough. Get out an meet people
  • There are opportunities for work outside of you degree that are still within a creative space
  • Connect with individuals on LinkedIn and follow up. Shadowing opportunities are a great way into a company to see their culture.

If you are a Dodge College alum, be sure to stay connected with us and your alumni network!

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