It’s 11 a.m. on a Saturday morning and a dozen students are in their seats with laptops and notebooks open. At the front of the classroom, a welcoming and energetic guest instructor, Alex Bowen from The Kennedy/ Marshall Company introduces herself and breaks the ice by asking students for their names, majors and current film or t.v. interests.

This is the start of a two-day script coverage workshop.

Hosted by Professor Barbara Doyle, and taught by Alex Bowen, this workshop was created to teach students how to cover a script and equip them with a sample coverage.

What is Script Coverage?

Script coverage is the act of analyzing screenplays, often within the script development department of a production company. It usually takes the form of a written report, guided by a rubric that varies by company. To put it simply, “script coverage is a book report on the script, that tells the powers-that-be about what was read and whether it is good or bad”, Alex explains.

Covering a script also teaches students to critique material for specific companies, to decide whether to  recommend a writer, a screenplay or both, according to the needs of a production or management company, a studio or an agency.

The Workshop

This workshop begins with brief lectures that cover topics such as: how script coverage fits into the world of film production; tips on how to read a script; and guidelines on how to format the cover of a script. Students are sent home with a script, and come back on Sunday in small groups where every student’s personal coverage is reviewed.

Students are then encouraged to redo their script coverage with the notes they receive during their review and use it as a sample coverage that they can submit with their resumes when applying for internships.

Value of the Workshop

“We’re providing a real-life application for students”, Professor Barbara Doyle replies, when asked about the intention of this workshop.  Producing, Screenwriting, and T.V. Writing and Production majors are required to do internships and being able to submit a sample coverage with a resume can be crucial to securing a position.

This workshop is one of the many resources catered to Dodge Students to help further their careers. Stay updated with our events and opportunities by visiting the Dodge College Blog. If you would like to discuss resumes, internships and jobs, please log in to Handshake and schedule an appointment with our Career Advisor Jon Hernandez. For more information about our College to Career Program, which helps students get training and decide where to apply, please contact our liaison to the industry, Barbara Doyle.

Special thanks to Professor Barbara Doyle for hosting this invaluable workshop and to Alex Bowen for sharing her enthusiasm and expertise in development with Dodge students.