We have more great news this month as our students work continues to make its way along the festival circuit. Here are this months updates:

Nikhail Asnani (MFA/S ’19) – SOMETHING ROUND

  • Oaxaca Film Festival
  • Arizona Underground Film Festival
  • Film Crash
  • Trans Stellar Film Festival
  • Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival

Cameron Thuman (BFA/FP ’20) – A NEW VERSE

  • Golden Door International Film Festival
  • Westfield International Film Festival


  • WOW International Film Festival – the film will screen in Tunisia, Morocco, and Jordan Kingdom

Scarlett Turner (BFA/FP ’19) – SEE YOU NEXT SUMMER

  • Out on Film in Atlanta
  • Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Festival
  • Lady Filmmaker Festival in Beverly Hills
  • Reel Q: LGBTQ Festival in Pittsburgh


  • Skyline Indie Film Fest
  • Rome Independent Prisma Award
  • Spotlight Documentary Film Awards
  • Newburyport Documentary Film Festival

Shelby Thompson (BFA/ ’19) – RELENTLESS

  • Chagrin Documentary Film Festival
  • DOCUTAH International Documentary Film Festival
  • Westfield International Film Festival

Kailee Hague (BFA/DA ’19) – EMBARKO

  • Viet Film Festival

Brian Robau (MFA/FP ’17) – ESTA ES TU CUBA

  • 17th IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival
  • Won Best Short Drama AND Best Student Film – Breckenridge Film Festival

Rachel Bickert (MFA/FP ’19) and Emily Tapanes (BFA/FP ’19) – LADYLIKE

  • Sidewalk Film Festival

Dan Lesser (BFA/FP ’20) – COME ON EILEEN

  • Catalina Film Festival

Ragini Bhasin (MFA/FP ’19) – GHAZAAL

  • 17th Tirana International Film Festival

Nolan Kresnak (BFA/FP ’18) – HOUNDS OF LOVE

  • Twin Cities Film Fest

Alex Greenlee (BFA/FP ’20) – CYBOLICA

  • Atlanta Horror Film Festival

Alex Greenlee (BFA/FP ’20) – DEAD WALL

  • Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards
    • Best Horror Short
    • Best Director Student Short

Jordyn Romero (BFA/NWD ’19) – OF THE SEA


David Bashford (MFA/FP ’18) – VOXGIRL

  • jellyFEST – Won $3,000 in rental equipment
  • Golden Door International Film Festival
  • Catalina Film Festival

Hadley Hillel (BFA/FP ’18) – CALAMITY FALLS

  • Catalina Film Festival

Marisa Kelly (BFA/TWP ’19) and Taylor Killefer (BFA/TWP ’19) – WINNER OF PEACE

  • Chagrin Documentary Film Festival

Daniel Drummond (MFA/FP ’19) – RUST

  • Asiana International Short Film Festival

If you would like to see your name and project featured in the next Film Festival Corner post make sure to keep us in the loop! Email any and all exciting updates about your project to festivalsubmissions@chapman.edu!