Pursuing a career in podcasts was not exactly the plan alumnus Grant Rutter (BFA/TBJ ’11) had in mind while attending Chapman University.

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Grant Rutter and Marc Evan Jackson

His show “The Good Place: The Podcast” was nominated for a Creative Emmy under Interactive Media. He has been with NBC Entertainment for over 3 years having started as a page.

Along with producing the podcast for NBC, Grant has also been working on his own independent show “Grant’s Rants Hollywood Talk” where he produces and hosts it. He has over 125 episodes where he connects to the entertainment industry, talks about Reality TV, and has a different co-host every week.

four employees of Grants RantsHis path towards his current position was not an easy one. He recalled that finding jobs in the digital arena of entertainment came with heavy competition. However, he appreciated his time at Chapman University and having worked with and learned from faculty like Pete Weitzner.

We’re incredibly proud of Grant’s work in carving out a space for himself in the world of podcasts. Most recently “The Good Place” podcast was mentioned in Vulture’s “10 Essential Pop-Culture Podcasts“.